Here are some graphics that you can use on your site! If you use them, please mind these terms below:

Thank you and enjoy!

Hamtaro and the Rainbow Rescue (2003)(GBA)

I did not create the sprites but I did animate them as closely to the original game as I could manage. If you have a request for a Hamtaro sprite animation (from any of the games), please let me know!

Hamtaro cleaning himself Shopkeeper ham bowing Tiny sniffing ham Bijou cold sweat Bijou cheer jump 2 Bijou cheer jump 1 Bijou spin 1 Bijou cheer 1 Bijou Idle Boss mining Papa-Ham

Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak (2002)(GBA)

Vast-T Koochi-Q Vast-Q


Stamps that I made! Here is my deviantArt stamp gallery, also.

renpy engine drawing gaming clip studio paint user procreate user paint tool sai user medibang paint user minako love Minato love aigis love shinjiro love TOTK stamp

Pixel Art

I made these! No need for credit.

Raster Graphics

I hand drew these! No need for credit.

a peach

Repeating Backgrounds

I hand drew these! Please credit me somewhere on your page if used.

Page Dolls

Here are page dolls that I drew by hand! They are free to use, but please credit me somewhere on your page. <3

Ib from Ib Mary from Ib Garry from Ib